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Customized legal assistance for your most complicated cases

Whether you're dealing with a complicated legal matter or are looking for assistance with a smaller case, the talented legal team at Robert B Hines, II Attorney at Law is ready to offer you guidance.


Are you the victim of a crippling automobile accident? Even if you were not injured badly, you should still receive reparations for your pain and suffering.


The talented team at Robert B Hines, II Attorney at Law knows what it takes to provide expert legal representation. You'll find that our rates are affordable, and our legal defense is customized to your exact needs.


You'll also find assistance with Social Security Disability and SSI, workers' compensation, wrongful death, personal injury, and other legal areas.


Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive legal services. You'll receive a FREE initial consultation when you call. Trust over 20 years of professional experience to get you the results you deserve.

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